Sharon Hotho 

& Donnie Melancon

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We invest so you don't have to lose on yours


We are Bornredi Investors LLC

Sharon Hotho & Donnie Melancon

Donnie and I started this company to help people... people who might be losing their homes to foreclosure or just need to get out from under a note that is strangling them, or are going through a divorce or have an inherited property that they want to get rid of instead of having to pay taxes on; we also want to help the cash investors looking for that special property that they didn't know was available until they contacted us.  We started this business as a way to create more WIN/WIN situations in our lives and in the lives of the folks we want to help. We really do care about the "little people" that banks don't care about and we care about pleasing our cash investors with unique deals no one else can find them.

Instead of losing what credit rating you have or losing your entire home investment, or not having anything to show for the years you've spent paying on a note that is now too big... lets sit down together and work out a deal that leaves you with some cash in your pocket and a little for us too. We aren't greedy and we like to help people - it's what we do - it's what makes us who we are and it's what helps us sleep good at night. 

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Coming Soon, please be patient

Coming Soon, please be patient 

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